All the benefits obtained from the registrations in the 2021 edition will be delivered to a local association and collective


Supernenas Tomelloso

Supernenas is a non-profit group against breast cancer made up of 80 people, many of whom have overcome this disease and others are currently facing it.

The existence of this group has been fundamental not only for them but for the causes they support, for example, their last successful project was to donate the proceeds from the Christmas Lottery sale to the National Center for Cancer Research (CNIO) to allow the advancement in research in the fight against cancer.

Another example of their work is that they have just reached a good agreement with a Valencian company that has offered them an order for scarves and turbans, The group will be sending those to patients who, due to their economic situation, cannot afford their acquisition.

AFAS Tomelloso

AFAS is a diminutive to refer to the “Association of Relatives and Friends of People with Disabilities”.

It is a non-governmental organization promoted by parents, relatives and other members who fight for the rights of people with intellectual disabilities.

The mission of this association is attuned with what is promoted by the Spanish Confederation of Organizations in favor of People with Intellectual Disabilities (FEAPS): "To improve the quality of life of people with intellectual disabilities and that of their families".



Collaborations can be at an economic level, sports equipment, supplements, sports clothing, typical products from Castilla La Mancha, etc.

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This checking account is intended for financial donations for associations and the collective (AFAS, Asociación deportiva Blanco Rosales and Supernenas) or for competitor prizes. It is essential to indicate in the “concept” what the donation is issued for, for example:

  • Concept: Award
  • Concept: Asociación deportiva Blanco Rosales
  • Concept: AFAS/Supernenas
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