Frequently Asked Questions


The deadline for registration is June 15, 2021 at 23:59 (GMT +1)

  • Option 1: Through the website WODBUSTER ARENA
  • Option 2: Via the “Sign up” button located in the menu that will take you directly to the WodBuster Arena registration page.

RX (M/F), Adaptative (M/F), Intermediate (M/F), Scaled (M/F), Teen (M/F), Master + 35 (M/F), Master + 35 Scaled (M/F), Master + 40/45/50 (M/F)

Standardized functional training rules and movements at the regional level or Crossfit Games.

Record the Wod using the WodProof app and upload the video to Youtube.

Do not use copyrighted songs so that Youtube does not block the video for copyright. In case of background music you can upload the video without sound.

In order to ensure the best possible judgment, we advise you to follow the following suggestions when recording:

  • Introduce yourself as an athlete
  • Presents all theelements of the Wod (focuses well on the different heights and weights)
  • Do not leave the scene at any time (look for a good shooting angle).
  • Performs all movements correctly according to standard regulations

Once the video is uploaded to YouTube, you must copy the video link and paste it in your WODBUSTER ARENA profile, next to the WOD result, so that we can validate it.

When you sign up to Tomelloso Throwdown, Wodbuster Arena sends you an email to the email address you have provided with a personal account where you will have a login and password.

Within the app you access the “My competitions” tab and in the “Tomelloso Throwdown” competition, which will appear in your profile, click on the computer keyboard icon. This will take you to the screen where you can enter the result.

The reception and registration of trademarks will be closed on June 27, 2021 at 23:59 (GMT +1).

You can repeat the Wod as many times as you want to improve your score as long as the result and the video are uploaded before the closing date of the platform.

In max reps Wods every NO REP will simply not be counted as good.

In the Wods by time each NO REP will be penalized with 5 seconds added.

You can view and download the regulations by clicking here.